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Kärcher Professional Equipment

Setting the standard for professional cleaning equipment worldwide since 1935, Kärcher stands as a global leader, its name synonymous with innovation, reliability and efficiency.

Always pushing the boundaries, Kärcher works closely with businesses globally across many industries to continue creating cutting-edge cleaning equipment that provides targeted solutions for optimal results. 

Kärcher Product Catalogue

Explore the full range of Kärcher equipment, accessories and detergents below. We offer free on-site demonstrations and audits to ensure you get the right machine for the job.

At Baywide Equipment, we are proud to partner with Kärcher for many reasons:

Always innovating - from its original high-pressure cleaner developed in 1950 to the huge range of cleaning equipment, accessories and detergents it produces today; Kärcher invests in research and development to ensure it continues to meet the specific needs of businesses across different sectors.

Reducing environmental impact - Kärcher’s commitment to sustainability means they recognise the environmental impact of cleaning processes and are implementing initiatives to minimise it. From developing energy-efficient machines to promoting water conservation, Kärcher strives to align its innovations with eco-friendly practices.

Creating adaptable cleaning equipment - the versatility of Kärcher’s products allow them to be used in many different industries - such as the automotive sector, hospitality, food processing, healthcare and many more - but still provide tailored and unique solutions to cleaning challenges.

Commitment to customer support and training - Kärcher recognises that the knowledge and expertise of the individual using them is just as important as the machines themselves. As Kärcher dealers, Baywide Equipment are fully trained and well-versed in the optimal use of all of the equipment they hire out and sell. We pass this training on to your team when you work with us and we are always here to provide after-sale service and support.


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