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The benefits of regular servicing for your Karcher Professional Water Blaster

If you have invested in a hot water blaster for your business, it pays to protect that investment with regular servicing. We recommend servicing at least annually, some high-use customers opt for 6 monthly. Maintaining your hot water blaster keeps it running at optimum and saves on faults and downtime over the lifespan of your machine.

Benefits of regular servicing for your hot water blaster:

  • Longevity – Proper maintenance or regular servicing will extend the life of the machines pump and other parts, minimizing costly repairs and downtime.

  •  Environmental impact - Regularly changing the fuel nozzle will increase efficiency and economy as the unit is burning less fuel.

  • Cleaning the heating coil again increases efficiency and therefore reduces emissions.

  • Changing the high-pressure nozzle regularly (they wear with use/time) will maximize working pressure, ensuring timely cleaning and efficient fuel & water use.

  • Safety – regular inspections will identify faults before they become hazardous.

  •  Less down time due to machine failure.

  • Optimal performance, water blasting is complete quickly, using less fuel and less water.

To summarize, regular servicing of your hot water blaster is proactively protecting your investment into equipment and ensures effectiveness, efficiency, safety and longevity.

Saving you time and money in the long-term.

As an example of longevity:

The machine below was manufactured in the year 2000.

The organization that owns it is aware of the value of regular servicing, hence this machine is still working at 24 years of age!

And there has never been a better reason for regular servicing, just this month, Kärcher announced it is extending its warranty period on hot water blasters from 2 years to 4 years.


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