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Accessorize to customize: accessories for water blasters

By adding accessories to your water blaster, you can:


·         Increase cleaning performance.

·         Increase versatility

·         Save time (& labour)

·         Increase safety

Performance: different nozzles or surface cleaners can target specific areas/surfaces and make cleaning more effective and efficient.

Versatility: You can broaden the array of cleaning tasks your hot water blaster can perform by using accessories. A hard surface cleaner on concrete floors, or a foam cannon for vehicle cleaning can make your machine more versatile.

Time: Hard surface cleaners speed up cleaning floor areas immensely, saving time & money

Increase safety: Working at height becomes unnecessary if you use an extension lance. We have extension lances up to 14 metres.

Customization: You can set your water blaster up to be exactly the machine you need. For instance, the addition of a flexi lance makes those hard-to-reach areas easily accessible.

Reduce chemical use: using the right accessory can reduce or even eliminate the need for chemicals. Using a turbo nozzle increase the impact pressure, so you can clean effectively and efficiently without chemicals.


Team Favorites:

Paul: Foam Cannon.

Why: consistent application equals consistent results. And uses less chemical.


Nick: Turbo nozzle.

Why: increases power therefore makes cleaning faster. Rotating spray disperses water evenly and reduces the water needed to clean.


Sally: Flexi Lance.

Why: Flexibility, they reach those tricky to get at areas. Maneuverability, you can easily adjust the direction to target specific areas. And the ease of use reduces strain on the operator.


Jade: Hard Surface cleaner.

Why: Highly efficient way to clean floors that gives consistent results. And they are super-easy to use.


Apart from the accessories above there are:


·         Different length lances from 250 -2000 mm

·         Telescopic lances up to 14 m

·         Dual lances

·         Fixed bend/angles lances

·         Pipe cleaning equipment

·         Gutter cleaning lances

·         Solar cleaning equipment

·         Mud suckers

·         Soft and hard roller brushes

·         Detergents for multiple uses


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